If you're at a loss for what to make for dinner tonight and find yourself slowly reaching for that wrinkled takeout menu that you keep in that one spot in your kitchen (fess up, we all have those,) think again! Put it back in the drawer, don't look at it, don't think about it, just don't get it out, ok? We've come up with even better options that just so happen to be amazingly delicious homemade versions of the same takeout favorites that we all know and love. No little white boxes required, just some great ingredients and a little time are all it takes to achieve these awesome, better-than-takeout dishes. Whether you're into lo mein, orange chicken, pad thai, or even sushi (yes, sushi!) you can whip up these tasty meals at home very quickly. You can also feel better about what you're eating by knowing the ingredients that you're putting into each dish. You can find some of our favorites by clicking the links below!

Homemade Chinese Takeout
Asian Noodle Dishes

One of our favorite classic homemade dishes is pad thai. You only need about 35 minutes for this dish, and it makes enough to serve four. One of the best things about noodle dishes is the versatility. For instance, if you don't have chicken on hand you can easily substitute pork, shrimp, or leave out the meat altogether to make this dish unique and completely your own creation. We love the classic version featured in the video below, so check it out to see how easily this dish comes together!

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