Prosecco and Parmesan Risotto

Prosecco and Parmesan Risotto

The pressure cooker is having a moment. Yes, I’m talking about that hefty device your grandma uses to cook beans. Turns out it’s kind of a speed demon in the kitchen, helping you to prepare rice, roasts, and ramen in a fraction of the time.

The secret to the pressure cooker is its airtight lid, which seals everything in for faster results. High-pressure steam from the pot works wonders, allowing food to be cooked nearly 10 times quicker than traditional methods. If you’ve ever wasted an hour cooking rice in a stockpot only to find a crusty, burnt mess at the bottom, this is the tool for you. Trust me... I’m speaking from experience.

Watch in awe as the pressure cooker prepares Prosecco and Parmesan Risotto in just 7 minutes, much quicker than other versions of risotto that can take up to 45 minutes and require constant stirring. We heart our pressure cookers!