Look for precooked bacon in the section of the grocery store where you find the other types of bacon, sausage, and cold cuts. Since the bacon is fully cooked, all you have to do is heat it in the microwave at HIGH for about 5 seconds per slice. Or you can heat it in a conventional oven at 425 for 2 to 4 minutes until the bacon is the desired crispness. The bacon is packaged in a low-oxygen pouch and can be stored unrefrigerated, refrigerated, or in the freezer. But, after you open the pouch, you should store in the refrigerator and it will be good for about two weeks. Precooked bacon is available in premium cut, thick-slice, lower-sodium, and maple-flavored varieties. You can also buy 2.5- or 3-ounce packages of cooked and crumbled real bacon pieces. They're usually near the shelves with the bottles of imitation bacon bits, croutons, and salad dressings.