There are two kinds of people in this world: professional picklers and the rest of us. If you're a puzzled pickler like me, there are plenty of easy pickling recipes out there to help you get started. Take our super popular Easy Refrigerator Pickles, for example. They only take about 10 minutes to prepare (plus a few days for chilling in the fridge), require no special equipment, and taste like the real thing.


Easy Refrigerator PicklesAs summer is nearing its end, many of you are experiencing a bumper crop of perfect pickling veggies and fruits, like cucumbers, peaches, peppers, or okra. Like canning jams and jellies, pickling is a great way to preserve the vibrant flavor of summer produce. It's also thrifty, better for you than store-bought (less sodium), and it doesn't let our earth's gracious bounty go to waste. Watch our how-to video to help you master Easy Refrigerator Pickles, and let the pickling party begin!



Here are more easy, fun pickling recipes for you to try at home: