So if you've been following the basketball finals going on this month, you'll have noticed that tonight is the final championship game! Villanova University will take on the University of North Carolina tonight on TBS. I guess that means Jimmy Fallon's "Puppy Predictor" for this year's NCAA Championship just might be correct. In the video, the puppies predicted North Carolina to be the winners, and it was the cutest thing ever, because, duh, puppies.

For some great basketball treats, it's easy to get creative with ingredients you might already have in your kitchen. If you have rice cereal, cream cheese, or even donut holes, you can make these awesome basketball-themed goodies! Check them out below:

The peanut butter in these treats lend them an orange hue, but to get even more of a pop of color, add a few drops of food dye to these great treats.


The secret to these no-bake beauties? Donuts! Use donut holes for a perfectly round cake pop without the hassle of using a cake pop pan. Simply dip the donuts in orange candy melts, decorate them with icing, and you're ready to go!


This is a fun basketball twist on my favorite cheese ball recipe. This no-bake, simple recipe is a party favorite and is well worth keeping in your back pocket for those potluck parties or get-togethers when you need to bring an appetizer to share. This could feed a crowd, so make sure you have enough crackers!


Who do you think is going to win tonight? To feed more of your game-day appetite, check out these wing recipes, or these really great appetizers like the sweet potato sliders in the video below to pair with cheering on your favorite team tonight.