Happy fry-day! Because it actually is Friday and we love French fries, we’ve rounded up our favorite homemade French fries recipes to celebrate! Don’t you wish fry-day was everyday?!


These all-American From-Scratch Oven Fries pair perfectly with your favorite burger, hot dog, or barbecue recipe. This recipe requires just 3 ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt!

For added flavor, try these recipe twists:

  • Buffalo Oven Fries: This flavor variation is perfect for serving at your tailgate this fall. Instead of using salt, toss the potatoes with mesquite seasoning, hot sauce, celery salt, garlic powder, and vegetable oil before baking. Serve these with Blue Cheese Dip and hot wing sauce for a flavorful appetizer or side.
  • Italian-Parmesan Oven Fries: For cheesy fries, try these Italian-style fries. Toss the potatoes with freshly ground Italian seasoning before baking, sprinkle them with Parmesan cheese, and serve them with marinara sauce.
  • Spicy Cheese Fries: If you can take the heat, these fries are for you. Toss the potatoes with red pepper before baking, sprinkle them with pepper jack cheese, and serve them with ketchup.

To make these classic French Fries, heat up your Dutch oven and fry the potato strips in small batches in hot oil until they’re golden brown. Whether you’re a fan of crinkle-cut, waffle, or another fry shape, you can cut these anyway you’d like before frying.

For more of our favorite French fries, click on the images below! Happy fry-day!

Salt-and-Pepper Oven Fries

Salt-and-Pepper Oven Fries

Parmesan, Garlic, and Cajun Fries

Parmesan, Garlic, and Cajun Fries

Russet Frites

Russet Frites