There’s nothing worse than having an avalanche of plastic container lids fall on you.   

By Arielle Weg
October 20, 2017
Guido Cavallini/Getty Images

I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve opened my kitchen cabinets to an utter disaster. All I need is a cutting board, and then I have baking pans tumbling to the ground followed by assorted pot lids and a random container I stashed in there. The take away is always the same: Piling your cookware into a cabinet in whatever mish-mash you can make fit isn’t conducive to removing the single item you need to make dinner. 

If you can relate to this level of kitchen calamity and know in your heart of hearts that it’s high time you finally organize your kitchen cabinets like the functional adult you are (sometimes), today is as good a day as any, my friend. Good news is, just as Pinterest would have you believe, getting an organized system in place doesn’t need to be difficult or require special equipment. Here the smart Internet-inspired hacks our editors have seen success with in their own quests for cabinet nirvana. 

Magazine Racks

Have a few kicking around your office? You can basically store anything in these for instant kitchen organization. Slide aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes, boxes of zip top bags, cans, container tops, flat pans and even lightweight cutting boards into a magazine file for easy storage and mess-free access. 

Book Bins 

If you never seem to find the right plastic top for your to-go containers, try keeping them organized in compact book bins. This will allow you to categorize them by size, and avoid the dreaded moment when they fall everywhere. 

Storage Bins 

It’s like we somehow forget the existence of/purpose for these boxes of organizational happiness. Buy a few storage bins and label them, then fill each one with snacks, cereal, baking supplies, spices, dried pasta, etc. 

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The Lazy Susan

This OG kitchen assistant is the perfect tool to help you avoid knocking things all over the place, both in cabinets and on your countertop, when trying to grab one item that’s hiding in the back. Top one with oil, salt/pepper, and jars of utensils to best utilize on counters or add one to your spice cabinet for easy access to everything.   

CD Holders

Similar to the magazine rack, these are a great option for holding storage container lids, thin cutting boards, or small plates. 

Long Plastic Baskets

Inexpensive plastic baskets are perfect for organizing spices, lining up tea bags, storing silverware, and keeping small container tops in order. 

Cooling Racks 

They aren’t just for cookies. Place thin plates, container tops, and cutting boards between slats for easy filing and less mess when you go to grab your packed lunch’s cover.