Jessica Colyer
Updated: February 16, 2017

End of the school year means 2 things:

  1. You're about to be seeing a whole lot more of your kids' friends.
  2. You better be ready with the snacks.
Starting with end-of-the-year classroom parties, moving into summer birthday parties, slumber parties, and impromptu "Mom, can _____ come over to play?" parties, you have lots of festive opportunities to feed children other than your own, which requires an extra level of consideration. Especially with activities organized through school or a summer camp program, you can just go ahead and assume that a no-nut policy (in this context, peanuts we'll include peanuts in the "nut" category) is likely... which rules out a number of prepared goodies you'd pick up at the grocery store. But fear not, there are plenty of easy, 100% kid-approved, nut-free treats that you can whip up to share with the class before schools out for summer, and continue to keep on deck throughout the summer. Here are a few of our favorites simple snacks that are guaranteed not to upset [nut] allergies, and almost guaranteed not to upset picky eaters. Best of luck.


Cranberry-Oat Bars

These toasty berry squares are comparable to some of the gooey fruit-filled snack bars you'll find in the granola bar section of the supermarket... they're just way better. We love how the sweet-tart fresh cranberry filling teams up with the buttery brown sugar-oat layers, but you can certainly tweak this recipe to feature whatever filling you like. Strawberry would be a solid choice right about now.



Frozen Fruit Skewers

I probably don't have the authority to call this, but I'm calling it anyway--these fruit sticks are the easiest treat you will ever create. Also, they're damn delicious. All you're doing here is putting juicy fresh fruit on a wooden skewer, then freezing it... done, son. They're colorful and Popsicle-like, which means the kids will actually be down to eat fruit for a snack. And served long with a honey-yogurt dip, these dessert-like dippers are as refreshing as they are nutritious.



 Old-Fashioned Popcorn Balls

Popcorn is always a great go-to, and it's even better in the form of these classic popcorn balls. Because we all know how much wee ones adore the concept of "mine," these treats make a perfect personal-sized serving for each kid. Whimsical classic sweets like these feel special and will most assuredly earn you some serious cool points if you show up to the end-of-school year party with a platter full of them.



Peach-Strawberry Fruit Leather

Chewy fruit snacks are a sure-fire hit. Instead of opting for sugar and dye loaded supermarket finds, try making your own fruit-roll-ups at home with minimal ingredients: fruit, honey, and lemon juice.  Sound complicated? It's not. See how the magic happens below.



DIY Pixie Sticks

Sure, as a parent, you know there's really not much to them. But these colored sugar sticks  are a fun and easy DIY party favor that kids can get a kick out of.  Use various types of freeze-dried fruit to create your [kids'] favorite custom flavors.



Clearly, there are plenty of party-worthy treats for kids that are free and clear of peanut butter or nuts of any kind, and to be on the extra-safe side, considering adding a few gluten-free snacks to your repertoire couldn't hurt either. If you're a parent of a child with a nut allergy, do you have any favorite snacks or tips that you stick by? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below.