Let me just start off by saying that by no means am I an expert at baking, or decorating baked goods, or anything baking related besides eating whatever comes out of the oven. For expert baking advice, you can find our friend JK Denim of Koalipops or our friend Beth over at They're awesome! As for myself, I wanted to set out on a mission to see if it was possible to make cake pops that didn't require any baking whatsoever. Could it be done?

Easy Basketball Cake Pops

Easy Basketball Cake Pops

Supposedly, there's no easy way to make cake pops, or so I'd heard. Therefore, I took it as a challenge! And guess what, there is an easy way to make cake pops, and the method is really, really simple. Donuts.


The easiest way to get perfectly round cake pops without baking is to use donut holes, preferably the roundest you can find. And despite my guess that the melted candy melts would simply fall right off with the powdered topping, that never happened, so no worries there. Powdered, non-powdered, chocolate, any flavor of donut should work just fine. I used an assorted variety so I could test them all out. One thing to consider here is that these cake pops will be a little bit larger than normal cake pops, but the inside will be light and fluffy.

To start out, make sure you do this one important step, otherwise you'll risk having the cake pops take a tumble off of their sticks when you dunk them in the candy melts completely. I used orange candy melts for a basketball hue, so for this I dunked the ends of each stick about a half an inch into the candy melts, and then placed them through the center of each donut hole about a half an inch in as well. There will be this nice pile of molten candy that forms at the top, which will then harden in the fridge or freezer and make these cake pops a lot easier to dunk.


Use a swirling motion to twirl each cake pop into the melted candy melts to coat them completely. I used one full bag for six pops. Because the candy melt concoction is a little thick, you may end up with lumps, bumps, swirls, and otherwise non-perfection in your cake pops like I did, and that's ok. They still taste good, right? (Spoiler alert: Yes, yes they do.) If you're a fan of sprinkles or candy toppings, it's really easy to cover any imperfections in your cake pops that way, but since I planned to ice them with black basketball lines, I didn't use any toppings.


  • 1 package of donut holes
  • 1 package of orange candy melts
  • black or chocolate icing
  • lollipop sticks
  • styrofoam block (for setting the cake pops on)

In a medium size bowl, melt about 1/4 cup of orange candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir until fully melted. Prepare each donut hole by icing the bottom of each stick and inserting one into each donut. Refrigerate or freeze or until hardened (about 5 minutes).

Add 1/2 cup of candy melts into the bowl and microwave for 45 seconds, stirring until melted. For each pop, use a spoon and a swirling motion to fully coat the entire pop. Keep adding candy melts as needed. Using your styrofoam block, stick each cake pop into the block so it stands fully. Put the cake pops into the refrigerator to set (about 10 minutes).

To ice, use a thin-tipped nozzle to trace the shape of basketball lines onto your cake pops. Refrigerate again until set. Enjoy!


While they're not baking perfection, they're really fun, easy, and perfect for March Madness, where all anyone wants to do is eat good food while they watch basketball, like these mozzarella bites or these wings. Cake pops are a great addition to the sports spread and not to mention are also a great party idea. Get creative with your favorite toppings, like in these angel food cake pops, with toppings like sprinkles, crushed up candy, peanuts, or whatever your heart desires! If you love baked goods but fear the wrath of the oven sometimes, these easy cake pops are the perfect solution. Happy March Madness season, everyone!

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