I work at a retail store that sells a lot of scented candles, and I'd estimate those numbers triple during the holidays. People want candles that smell like cookies, pumpkins, and even trees. They want their homes to smell like Christmas exploded inside. We even sell a mulled wine scented candle. It smells amazing, mind you, but why not make mulled wine yourself instead of spending $20 on a candle? You don't get to drink a candle, but you get to drink warm, spiced mulled wine.

One of our most popular mulled wine recipes requires just 5 ingredients: sugar, red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange zest. Making mulled wine might cost you just a little bit more than that candle, but the payoff is enormous. Your home will be filled with spicy-sweet aromas that sing of good tidings and joy. You'll get to drink the mulled wine out of cute mugs with cinnamon sticks for swizzling. How's that for holiday cheer?[youtube