Tons of great things start in August and September. School is back in session. It will officially be fall in a couple of weeks. Last weekend, we welcomed back football, and that opens up a whole new world of food trends and tasty possibilities.


When you begin looking for tailgating recipes, you'll notice many of them are dips, salsas, and spreads. Football games can be tense and stressful, and having a couple bowls of snacks on the coffee table between you and your team can help ease your nerves. Most people are nervous eaters! Sometimes it helps to snack on something tasty to get your mind off of that penalty or missed field goal. Maybe your team needs another touchdown, they're out of time-outs, or your guys are neck and neck with their biggest rival. Whatever the situation, it helps to have some snacks.

And that's where this Loaded Baked Potato Dip comes in! It's simple, easy, and needs to be made ahead of time. Make it the day before the game and just take it out of the refrigerator when your guests arrive. Or if you're taking it to your tent on the quad, just keep it in your cooler until you're ready to dig in.



This dip features all the great flavors of loaded baked potatoes. All you have to do is stir together the sour cream, chives, bacon, cheese, and splash of hot sauce. Store it in the refrigerator over night, and you're done. Serve it with fries, chips, crackers, or whatever you like! I'm pretty sure it would taste great on just about anything.

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