These easy-to-prep snacks are perfect throw-together options for school parties, last-minute Halloween get-togethers, or even weekend kitchen crafting with the kiddos.

Sure, we all want to be that person who shows up to the neighborhood costume party with a show-stopping candy corn layer cake or pristinely spooky cut-out cookies, but we can’t always (or in some cases, ever) be that person. Sometimes, we just need the quick and easy route to a crowd-friendly, creep-tastic Halloween treat. And there ain’t a thing wrong with that.

Dressing up store-bought goodies with simple shortcuts isn’t lazy—it’s savvy. Below are 10 Halloween-ready snacks that exemplify such savviness. While there are varying degrees of involvement represented, each idea uses just a few store-bought ingredients—such as candy, pretzels, and bakery cupcakes—to create adorable and/or terrifying treats, that will rival those of even the most dedicated, crafty super-moms on the block, in a matter of minutes.

1. Spider Peanut Butter Cups

Turn peanut butter cup candies (such as Reese’s) upside down on a work surface. Break pretzel twists into C-shapes. Press pretzels into peanut butter cups to create “legs.” Place 2 dots of chocolate frosting on one side of each peanut butter cup; press small colored candies, sprinkles, or eye-shaped candies onto frosting dots to create “eyes.”

2. Doughnut Eyeballs

Place red frosting in a zip-top plastic bag, and snip a small hole in corner of bag. Squeeze a small amount of frosting on the back of eye-shaped candies, and place eyes in centers of miniature powdered doughnuts. Pipe thin squiggly lines of frosting on doughnut to make “eyes” appear bloodshot.

3. Monster Cupcakes

Place eye-shaped candies on store-bought frosted cupcakes or plain chocolate cupcakes you have spread with a variety of colored frostings.

4. Chocolate Witch Hats

Place purple frosting in a zip-top plastic bag, and snip a small hole in corner of bag. Turn chocolate-iced round shortbread cookies (such as Keebler Fudge Stripes) upside down on a work surface, and pipe a circle of purple frosting around center hole of each cookie. Place an unwrapped milk chocolate kiss on each frosting circle so that a small ring of purple peeks out.

5. Frankenstein Bars

Place green frosting and chocolate frosting in separate zip-top plastic bags, and snip a small hole in corner of each bag. Pipe green frosting on 1 side of chocolate-dipped granola bars, leaving a 1/2-inch border at 1 end. Decoratively pipe chocolate frosting on the green frosting to create eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth. Squeeze a dot of chocolate frosting on a small white mint (such as Tic Tac), and press 1 mint onto each side of monster’s “neck” to create bolts.

6. Vampire Doughnuts

Fold plastic vampire teeth, and press 1 set of teeth into the center of 1 doughnut. Gently press candy pearls, sprinkles, or eye-shaped candies decoratively into doughnuts to create faces.

7. Lollipop Vampires

Unfold a black cocktail napkin, and place over a small lollipop (such as Dum Dums). Secure napkin with a thin red ribbon tied like Dracula’s cape.

8. Pumpkin and Ghost Cheese Plate:

Using ghost- and pumpkin-shaped cutters, cut shapes from thick white Cheddar or American cheese slices and thick orange sharp Cheddar cheese slices. Serve with crackers.

9. Witch Brooms

Turn miniature peanut butter cup candies (such as Reese’s) upside down on a work surface. Press 1 pretzel stick into center of each peanut butter cup.

10. Savory Spider Crackers

Spread about 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic-and-herb cream cheese on 1 round buttery cracker (such as Ritz). Top with a second cracker. Break 4 pretzel sticks in half, and press 4 pretzel stick halves into cream cheese on each side of “spider” to create “legs.” (Face spider so that 2 of the small holes in top of cracker can be used to hold the “eyes.”) Press small pieces of minced black olives in holes to create “eyes."

Treat ideas by Nicole McLaughlin.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz