Hint: Heat is not your friend.
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There are few things worse in life than a stale cup of coffee. Keep your beans as fresh as possible for as long as possible with these simple tips:

Store Them In An Opaque, Airtight Container

Coffee beans become stale more quickly when they're exposed to air and light. Select an airtight container (such as a canister with a secure lid) instead of keeping them in the bag they came in. You may be drawn to trendy, clear glass canisters that show off your gorgeous beans—but you might want to rethink that choice. You'll probably be better off with an opaque exterior that will keep the container's contents in the dark.

On the hunt for a container that checks all the boxes? This Atmos Vacuum Canister means business: It uses an "integrated vacuum system" to keep moisture, air, and odors away.

Nordstrom Canister
Credit: Nordstrom


Keep Them Cool…

When it comes to coffee bean storage, heat is basically a one-way ticket to Stale City. Don't even think about keeping them near your oven or a window that gets lots of sunlight.

Come to think of it, most pantry staples don't exactly thrive in warm, sunny areas—it's a great idea to keep your flour, sugar, and other ingredients in a cool and dark place too.

Wayfair Canister Set
Credit: Wayfair


...But Not Too Cold

That said, your freezer and refrigerator are also not ideal choices. Many experts think freezing or refrigerating beans makes them lose quality quicker. Also, coffee beans absorb moisture, air, and tastes because they're hydroscopic. (So keeping them in the fridge with other pungent foods isn't the best idea).

Try to avoid purchasing large amounts of beans at once so you're not tempted to freeze the excess.

If you already have a ton of coffee beans and you must freeze them, make sure your container is truly airtight to prevent freezer burn.