By Elizabeth Branch
Updated April 08, 2014

Cooking takes time. It just does! You can either spend more time at the stove up to your elbows in flour and olive oil, or you can take a few minutes to plan things out and save yourself some time later on.

Here are some time-saving tips:

  • Make menu planners, that way you're prepared each day.
  • Be open to change and don't plan too far in advance.
  • Practice recipe grazing. Look through cookbooks and magazines often to find new and quick recipes.
  • Read the recipe before you go shopping and make shopping lists.
  • Check recipes for ingredients and equipment you might need.
  • When prepping ingredients, it's okay to make twice as much and save the leftovers for a future meal.
  • Start with a clean and organized kitchen. This will keep your workflow smooth and easy.