We've all got to get our groceries somewhere, but sometimes taking a trip to the store can seem like so much more than a simple "trip". It's nice to take your time browsing up and down the aisles occasionally, but most of us are there to grab our groceries and go. Here are some tips to get you in and out of the store in no time at all:

  • Make a list. Decide which recipes you want to cook during the week and double check it before you go to the store.
  • Organize your list. List similar items together, such as dairy items, meats, produce, frozen foods, dry goods, etc. You know how your grocery store is laid out, so this will help you quickly pick up items as you go from section to section.
  • Don't shop hungry. If you skipped lunch or just finished your workout at the gym, go to the grocery another time. If not, you'll be more likely to pick up convenience items and snacks that you don't need.
  • Avoid rush hour. Grocery stores are most crowded after common work hours, so try going after breakfast or even on your lunch break.
  • Shop alone. Sometimes grocery shopping gets done faster when you're shopping by yourself. This way you only have one thing to think about it and you can get it done in a flash.