Scrambled Eggs with Meyer Lemon Salsa Verde

Scrambled Eggs with Meyer Lemon Salsa Verde

Though I’ve been cooking eggs my entire life, I’ve recently been fascinated by the numerous methods and differing opinions that exist over the proper way to scramble them. Some prefer to scramble eggs inside the pan while others prefer to whisk them in a bowl prior to pouring the liquid into a warm, buttered pan. We’re proponents of the latter and are confident in our test-kitchen approved method.

First, break the desired number of eggs into a bowl and add water or milk and salt and pepper. Stir the eggs briskly with a fork until well blended. Melt a tablespoon or two of butter to coat the bottom of a large skillet and then pour in the egg mixture. Cook over medium heat without stirring until the mixture begins to set on the bottom. Draw a spatula across the bottom of the pan to form large curds. Continue to cook until the eggs are thickened but still moist. Once you’re done, load on the toppings. Here are two of our new favorite scrambled egg topping recipes from Cooking Light and Sunset, but the options are endless!

Try this tried-and-true method for cooking perfect scrambled eggs every time. You'll be a pro in no time!