Warm Cinnamon ApplesCinnamon. You love its warm aroma during the holidays and its usefulness in both sweet and savory dishes. Available both ground and in whole sticks, it's a staple in every American household. Before I knew how to cook well, I used to think I could make a dish "gourmet" by sprinkling cinnamon on top. I did this with oatmeal, cereal, ice cream, applesauce, etc. Weird I know. I suppose the young foodie in me understood that spices have the power to elevate any dish, even if I didn't know how to properly harness that power just yet. Thank goodness my spice cabinet has expanded, otherwise I might still be haphazardly sprinkling cinnamon on everything from pancakes to pot roast.

I'm convinced that America's favorite use for cinnamon is to pair it with apples, and rightly so. The two work so well together, they may as well be sold as a package deal. Think about apple pie, apple butter, and apple cider--they just wouldn't be the same without cinnamon!

You only need 5 ingredients to make Warm Cinnamon Apples, and you most likely have all of them in your pantry right now. At just 128 calories per serving, these thinly sliced, spiced apples make a healthy fall dessert. You could also serve them as a side dish for roast pork or use them to top oatmeal for breakfast. So easy, so versatile, and SO yummy. Enjoy!