If you're looking for a great weeknight meal, or a dish that feeds a large family, this Mexican Chicken Casserole is for you! Because this recipe is from Cooking Light, you can have all the great elements of a warm and cheesy casserole without all the guilt.


Some casseroles require a lot of work. And after all that work, you have to put it in the oven and wait an hour for it to bake. That's not the case here!

After cooking the chicken in a skillet and shredding it, you'll make a cheesy sauce and combine it with the chicken to form the filling. Then you just layer it with more cheese and tortillas in a baking dish and let it bake for half-an-hour. It doesn't require that much work and it's ready in half the time, making it ideal for weeknights.

While it's still summer in some places of the country, fall is approaching quickly! This Mexican Chicken Casserole is one of those warm and cozy recipes that you'll want on those cooler nights. Comfort food without all the calories? That's the dream!



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