Last night, my husband called and we decided that soup had to be on the menu for dinner. We'd eaten our hearts out in Charleston, a trend I'd continued on my beach trip with the girls this weekend, so we were hankering for something a little lighter on the tummy. (There's nothing like rubbing sunscreen on your stomach and swearing you can still feel each fried shrimp from the night before!)

We have one rule about soup, well two really. One: Everything liquid-ish is soup. Taco soup, chili, chowder... regardless of thickness or base, they all qualify. We're still looking for a way to get cheese dip in there. Two: It has to be good.

So we decided on French Onion Soup. "You can make that?" he asked. "Of course," I said, lying through my ladle. Then I went digging for a recipe. I decided to start at the top of the trend, with Julia Child's French Onion Soup recipe. I expected lots of fatty ingredients, but the only real fat-bringers were a little bit of oil, 3 tablespoons of butter, and the cheese we put on top. Other than that, there were a whole lot of onions and some beef broth, plus a bit of wine.

As the onions caramelized and the soup began to simmer, the house took on a fragrant, intoxicating smell (which I could still taste falling asleep on my pillow last night!). French Onion Soup is a hit! We made small sandwiches to go alongside the dish, but you hardly needed them, the soup was so filling.

We're moving into soup season, so break out of your recipe box and make something delicious and new. Soup, anyone?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel