Making your own custom flavors of this amazingly refreshing, sweet-tart wellness beverage literally couldn't be easier.
Photo: Hannah Burkhalter
| Credit: Hannah Burkhalter

Apple cider vinegar, that often touted cure-all, has usurped coconut oil as the new miracle ingredient that every health blogger and “crunchy” mom is slathering on everything. And with this trend, you may noticed a recent wave of a new vinegar-based products: Drinking vinegars. Now available, in a variety of flavors, in health food stores and some major chains, the interest in downing vinegar doesn’t seem to be fading.

So why exactly would you want to drink vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar, while not thoroughly proven, offers some potential health benefits. Things like blood sugar, digestion, and cholesterol could possibly benefit from a little dose of vinegar on a regular basis.

As unpleasantly tart as it may sound, drinking vinegars are usually sweet and fruity with a light tang—sort of like lemonade. They’re an easy vehicle for drinking apple cider vinegar, which is fairly intensely acidic.

Now, my problem with store-bought drinking vinegars comes down to two things: the amount of sugar and the amount of vinegar actually in each bottle. Sharp vinegar has to be balanced with a little sweetness, which means with some brands, you could be drinking the sugar-equivalent of a soda. And when it comes to the vinegar, there is no standard for how much or what type of vinegar a bottle of drinking vinegar has to contain. So, you could be getting a minuscule dose of vinegar or drinking a less beneficial type of vinegar, like cane vinegar.

Keep these factors under your control by DIY-ing your drinking vinegars. Incredibly simple to make, drinking vinegars make for an easy and inexpensive project. You can experiment by mixing and matching different types of fruit and herbs to infuse. Or, if you’re just looking to make this for a tart treat instead of for health benefits, you can switch up the vinegar type for even more customization options.

Credit: Photo: Hannah Burkhalter

The formula:

  • ½ cup sliced fruit
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar (or other preferred vinegar)
  1. In a large jar with a lid, combine together your fruit and vinegar. Lightly mash the fruit with the back of a spoon, then screw on the lid and shake. Keep the mixture in the fridge for three to five days, shaking each day, and strain once the vinegar has reached your preferred color and flavor. Your vinegar will last for months stored in the fridge.
  2. To consume your drinking vinegar, pour about two tablespoons into a glass and add 12 ounces of sparkling water. If you prefer a sweeter drink, you can always add a little simple syrup. Or create a fun boozy twist by adding a splash of vodka or white rum.
By Hayley Sugg and Hayley Sugg