Let's pretend like it's the middle of the week, and you just got home from a stressful day of work and have a lot to get done this evening. It's chilly outside and all you want to do is sit down at the dinner table with your family and a nice, hot bowl of soup. You don't want the canned stuff, but you don't have time to let a pot of soup cook on the stove for an hour. Enter Spicy Tortilla Soup with Shrimp and Avocado.


Would you believe me if I told you this soup is ready in 20 minutes? Because it is. You start by cooking some onions, carrots, celery, and spices in olive oil for a few minutes. Then you add the broth, hominy, and tomatoes, and boil for a few more minutes. Next comes the shrimp, which only needs to cook for two or three minutes until it's done. Then the soup is ready for bowls! Top each bowl with crushed tortilla chips and avocado. Add a sprinkle of chopped cilantro if you'd like.

Soup can be that simple. It's full of veggies and delicious flavors, and it can be ready and on your dinner table in 20 minutes. Who needs canned soup when you could have a bowl full of spicy shrimp and avocado goodness?