Loaded Potato Soup
Credit: Johnny Autry; Styling: Cindy Barr

What's the weather like near you? In Birmingham, we're experiencing freezing temperatures in the low 30's. That's the coldest I remember it being the week before Thanksgiving. My apartment complex issued a notice recommending that people take precautions so our pipes don't freeze. Keep in mind that it usually feels about 10 degrees colder than it actually is here due to the humidity. Cold air is bad, but wet, cold air is miserable. Let me level with you here: I don't know how to manage in the cold. I go about my daily business without a thought as to what would happen if the pipes did freeze, or my car, or my hands for that matter. I can never get warm enough, no matter what I wear. How do normal people prepare for winter? Seriously, I need to know. This time next year I'll living (read: trying to survive) in Omaha, Nebraska, where there's already snow on the ground right now. Lord help me.

If it were up to me, I'd hibernate during the winter. I'm already a borderline hermit who prefers to stay indoors as much as possible, as long as I'm accompanied by plenty to read, mugs of warm things to drink, and my cat's purrs. Fellow introverts, I hope you can relate. Winter is a dream come true for us. Another bonus to staying inside when it's cold? Bowls upon bowls of homemade soup that warm you from the inside out. Loaded Potato Soup is made with everything that's right in the world: potatoes, cream, bacon, and cheese. (Don't worry; this is a Cooking Light recipe... only 325 calories per serving!) Kids love it, and adults flip for it too. See how it's made in the video below, bookmark the recipe, and enjoy your hibernation![youtube