By Jessica Colyer
June 05, 2015
National Donut Day means donuts... Lots and LOTS of donuts.



For those of you who don't know and need another reason to perk up on a Friday, it's National Donut Day! As if donuts weren't great enough already, they were given their very own special day back in 1938 when Salvation Army workers delivered donuts to soldiers to lift their spirits, and the happy gesture has been remembered ever since. If you're lucky enough to stop by a donut shop this morning, you may be surprised with a free treat or two. Those of us at decided to take one for the team and sample a few of these beauties in order to come to the conclusion that, yes, donuts are indeed fabulous, and any excuse to sample donuts is a good excuse.



We tested donuts from four different shops around town that each offered assortments of unique flavors such as red velvet, Oreo, coconut, and bacon (yes, with actual bacon.) While the wild flavors were exciting and fun to try, it was actually the simpler flavors that ended up being the fan favorites. A light and fluffy cinnamon donut and a blueberry cake donut were definitely raved about more than once. It's the simple things, right? But the bacon donut definitely left a ripple of "ooh's" and "ahh's" in its wake, with a maple topping and real bacon slices that put this flavor combination at the center stage of sweet 'n salty deliciousness.


Bacon, red velvet, and candy coated donuts are attention grabbers.


Yep, that one's topped with Reese's.


I'm pretty glad one of my favorite guilty pleasures has its own day of celebration, and to make matters even better (or worse, depending on your love of donuts), you can just as easily whip up a batch of donuts at home! If you've never tried a batch of these bad boys straight from the kitchen, you're in for a treat, because we've assembled some of the best recipes we could find in order to bring you a plate of happiness on this special day. These baked sweet potato donuts might just do the trick, and because they come from the oven, they're much lighter than traditionally fried variations, but still just as delicious.


Homemade donuts are perfect for National Donut Day!


However you choose to celebrate, National Donut Day is the perfect excuse to spread donut happiness to friends and family.  If you decide to whip up a batch of some homemade beauties, we'd love to see how they turn out! Give us a shout on Twitter and Instagram, we love to see what you guys create. Happy National Donut Day!