Celebrate Halloween with a menu of scary-good treats and dishes.

By Briana Riddock and Briana Riddock
Updated September 08, 2017
Credit: MillefloreImages/Getty Images

You have been thinking of costume inspirations all year long. It’s time to execute your vision and debut your fab get-up at your own epic Halloween party. When it comes to the food, stay in character and design a ghoulishly good menu. In order to best plan and prioritize grocery shopping, cooking, and delegating to others what they should bring, I’d recommend break the meal down into three courses. Go the extra mile to keep everything Halloween themed, so pumpkins, ghosts, graveyards, bones, skulls, and guts are all game for the party.

Craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JOANN Fabric and Crafts, and Party City tend to stock Halloween themed diningware if you want to go all-out. Even just opting for orange, black, and/or purple plastic utensils and napkins will set the right tone. While you’re shopping, keep an eye out for inexpensive fall-themed decorations like silk leaves, fake spiders, and moody candles for creating the perfect spooky tablescape. Now that the table is set for your Halloween party, here’s a menu plan your ghostly guests are sure to love.


Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

Credit: Kate Sears; Styling: Gerri Williams for James Reps

With the extra sprinkle of paprika, turn classic deviled eggs into little pumpkin lanterns adorned with chives as the stem.

Cheddar Witch's Fingers

Credit: Leigh Beisch

Leigh Beisch

In this cross between crackers and biscuits, these addictively cheesy witch fingers have a delightfully crunchy texture from the cornmeal.

Hallowed Eve Cheese Pumpkin

This autumnal pumpkin cheese dip is definitely meant to be more adorable than scary. Cheddar cheese and cream cheese are blended together and are shaped into a pumpkin, while sesame seeds and spices coat the outside for texture and color.

Main Course

Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines

Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines image
| Credit: Greg Dupree; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Blakeslee Giles

Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines image Photo: Greg Dupree; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Blakeslee Giles

This gutsy intestinal tract is filled with savory chorizo and caramelized onions. The life-like organ is wrapped in flaky puff pastry and served with a “bloody” side of sweet cranberry sauce. In short: Looks gross, tastes amazing.

Boneyard Chicken Pot Pie

Credit: Thomas J. Story

Turn tried-and-true chicken pot pie into a crusty graveyard with skulls and bones etched into the buttery crust. Cookie cutters are used to cut the puff pastry into fun shapes, which provide even more flakey goodness.

Bucket o' Bones

These bones (A.K.A ribs) are meaty and seasoned with a savory dry rub and doused with a vinegar-based barbecue sauce. Doesn’t get much better


Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts

Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Linda Hirst

Casper may be the friendliest ghost, but these meringue ghosts are the cutest. Whip with egg whites until they form soft peaks to pipe out the ghost figures on top of rich chocolate cupcakes.

What’s a Halloween celebration without candy corn! The signature yellow, orange, and white colors make the perfect Halloween-themed corn-on-the-cob, and the completed cobs are make for a great table setting decoration for each guest.

Deserted Graveyard Cake

Credit: Jonny Valiant; Styling: Ed Gallagher

Save the best for last when you pull out this edible haunted cemetery. A decadent chocolate frosted sheet cake is lined with yummy ghosts, cookie tombstones, and a fence made from pretzel sticks.