This party trick-and-treat could very well win you first place in the costume contest this year.
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Candy Corn Jello Shot Image
Credit: Caitlin Bensel

So, you get invited to a party, a Halloween party. The polite thing to do is to bring something, like a snack or beverage, to share—right? Right. And bringing something boozy to share earns you bonus points (especially on Halloween). And everyone knows that being able to theme as many aspects of your presence with whatever you dressed up as is how you win Halloween… (And it you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear a costume when you attend a costume party, you can just stop reading now, this article is probably not the one that’s going to help you cope with your PPS—A.K.A. Party Pooper Syndrome).

What I’m really trying to get at here is that, being possibly the kitschiest of holidays, Halloween is the most appropriate occasion to bust out some jello shots—yes, even if you are of legal drinking age (and have been for a decade or so). And showing up to a Halloween party with a tray of jello shots that coordinate with your costume might just be one of the greatest party moves you ever make. Even if you’re not going all-out on your costume, I guarantee, adding your own themed sweet and jiggly shooters to the equation makes you instantly appear far more creative and fun. This party trick couldn’t be easier or more effective. So, here are a few suggestions for Halloween jello shot and costume pairings:

Dress as: a coconut

Halloween Jello Shots Coconut Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Fun 'n Folly

Bring: Cucumber-Sake Lime Jello Shots

Because… hello, where exactly do you put the lime? OK then.

Dress as: Sriracha

Halloween Jello Shots Sriracha Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bring: Sriracha Jello Shots

Spice up one of the classically laziest go-to Halloween costumes of the past decade with a plate of these kicky little shots. Bonus points for the edible vessel.

Dress as: a rabbit

Halloween Jello Shots Bunny Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bring: Carrot Cake Jello Shots

Last time I checked, the bunny remains a popular choice for Halloween… sweeten the look with gelatinous shots of spiced carrot cake. I don't know if you know this, but in the same way the Easter bunny is all about Easter eggs, the Halloween bunny is all about Halloween jello shots. It's a thing.

Dress as: candy corn

Halloween Jello Shots Candy Corn Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Target

Bring: Candy Corn Jello Shots

Don’t care what anyone says (including the bunny rabbits), you will literally be the cutest person at the party.

Dress as: a chef

Halloween Jello Shots Chef Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Walmart

Bring: Blackberry-Vodka Gelées

Because they’re fancy AF. This is how you chef up jello shots IRL.

Dress as: a vampire

Halloween Jello Shots Vampire Costume
Credit: Photo courtesy of Target

Bring: Strawberry and Cream Jello Shots

These berry red, black pepper specked shots kind of look like blood. That, and they’re just really tasty. Both of those things combined make for an easy sell.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz