When the spookiest holiday of the year rolls around, it's no secret that every kid out there wants to get in on the fun. From decorating cookies, icing cupcakes, baking cakes, and crafting with candy, there's plenty of easy, enjoyable activities for the whole family to geek out for this Halloween. Here are a few of out favorites.
Little Monster Cupcakes
Credit: Mark Thomas

Every year around this time, when Halloween starts to creep up, you better believe that your kids have seriously got candy (and every other possible form of sugar) on the brain. Rather than keeping them from celebrating the most sugar-laden, candy-coated day of the year, embrace the whimsical, spooky spirit of this October holiday and let their imaginations run wild. Here's some of our favorite crafty, kid-friendly kitchen projects that the little one is sure to love making.

Little Monster Cupcakes

Little Monster Cupcakes
Credit: Mark Thomas

Make some adorable little monsters WITH your little monster(s)! Using an array of colored frostings and candies, doll up an average cupcake with these adorable monster-inspired faces. The perfect balance of cute and creepy, these sweet treats are the perfect way to let your little one cut loose and have some fun in the kitchen.

Spooky Candy Coated Apples

Spooky Candy-Coated Apples

The cute factor in these candied apples are hard to resist. Covered in a white candy melts and decorated with semi-sweet morsels, these ghost-like sweets on a stick are destined to be the life (well, sorta...) of the Halloween party. Whether you bring them to your kiddos' school or costume party, they're sure to be a huge hit. Just be sure not to mention this to their dentist... *Wink*

Candy Corn and M&M's Chewy Crispy Bars


You can't go wrong with crispy rice cereal bars, and this time of year, colorful, sweet add-ins are inevitable (or they should be). Let the kiddos customize their chewy-crisp treats with their favorite candies for a quick and easy Halloween dessert. P.S. these are also a great way to deal with the leftover candy corn no one is excited about post-Halloween.

Wizards Hats

Wizard Hats
Credit: Oxmoor House

Oxmoor House

This is the accessory that every kid wants for Halloween. Send them off to school equipped with these adorable party treats so they (i.e. you) can impress friends and teachers with their handiwork—this is the sort of thing that makes you parent-of-the-year material. Don't hold back garnishing each with colorful sprinkles, licorice, and candy for a collection of custom Halloween hats.

Halloween Spider Cookies

Halloween Spider Cookies
Credit: Sara Tane

Sara Tane

Few things say kid-friendly cooking craft like a cut-out cookie, and somewhere between adorable and slightly spooky, these Halloween spider cookies are a great place to let your kids' creativity shine. Using a classic cut-out butter cookie dough keeps the edges of your spider cookies shape neat and clean—no worries about the cookies expanding when they bake. Decorate these Halloween cut-out cookies with black gel icing, royal icing, candy eyes, orangle and black sprinkles, or whatever fun decorations you have on hand.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane