It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Gingerbread houses 2
Credit: @ilovechristmasblog/Instagram, MyRecipes

Looking for a little holiday inspiration? Your search ends here. We’ve rounded up the very best gingerbread house ideas—from cozy, snowy cottages to magical winter wonderlands—the internet has to offer.

Whether you want to build a quaint log cabin (a bag of pretzels and a box of graham crackers should do the trick) or a Christmas village (complete with candy canes and silver lanes aglow), you’re sure to find something to spark your creativity in this merry and bright lineup:

1. Pretzel Log Cabin


This cute little cabin is a MyRecipes creation! Get our full tutorial here.

2. Nutty Gingerbread House


3. Graham Cracker Barn


Spotted on: Hungry Happenings

4. Pretzel Log Cabin


Spotted on: She Knows

5. Minty Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Wilton

6. Funfetti Sugar Cookie House

Spotted on: Studio DIY

7. Gingerbread Log Cabin in Winter


8. Pastel Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Lovely Indeed

9. Edible Fairy House


10. Lisa Frank Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Aww Sam

11. Gingerbread Presents


Spotted on: Aww Sam

12. Vintage Storefront Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Vintage Kitty

13. Stone Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Worth Pinning

14. Gingerbread Hogwarts


Spotted on: Not Quite Nigella

15. Sprinkles of Fun Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Wilton

16. Gingerbread House Placecards

Spotted on: Brit + Co

17. Rustic Log Cabin


Spotted on: Vivalinka

18. Mini Mug Gingerbread Houses


Spotted on: Juliette Laura

19. Vermont Holiday Home


Spotted on: King Arthur Flour

20. Gingerbread Lodge


Spotted on: Taste of Home

21. Snowy Gingerbread Log Cabin


Spotted on: Three Pixie Lane

22. Shimmer-Sparkle Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Wilton

23. Written on the Walls Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Wilton

24. Harvest Gingerbread House


25. Healthy Gingerbread House


Spotted on: The Chalkboard

26. Gingerbread Carousel

Spotted on: Cookie Connection

27. Plaid Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Wilton

28. Bob’s Burgers Gingerbread House


29. Minimalist Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @GingerbreadMaid/Instagram

30. Gingerbread Labyrinth

Spotted on: @GingerbreadMaid/Instagram

31. Gingerbread Hotel

Spotted on: @GingerbreadMaid/Instagram

32. Gingerbread Camper

Spotted on: @GingerbreadMaid/Instagram

33. Gingerbread Monster House

Spotted on: @LukaBakerySweets/Instagram

34. Sparkly Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @sonja_ols/Instagram

35. Powdered Sugar Snow Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @thehatandthemousefrinton/Instagram

36. Gingerbread House Cake

Spotted on: SynaStyx/Reddit

37. Graham Cracker Gazebo

Spotted on: Naprisun/Reddit

38. Realistic Gingerbread House


Spotted on: Jenjennjennypants/Reddit

39. Graham Cracker Camper

Spotted on: Ethandsmith/Reddit

40. Scandanavian Gingerbread House

Spotted on: CulturallyConf1/Reddit

41. UP Gingerbread House

Spotted on: Rkpenguin/Reddit

42. Gingerbread Jeep

Spotted on: @chlorosiswolff/Instagram

43. Black Licorice Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @anzie86/Instagram

44. Gingerbread Church

Spotted on: @tfsnc/Instagram

45. Snow Globe Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @dekokitchen/Instagram

46. Delicate Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @_ladygingerbread/Instagram

47. Winchester Mystery Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @christinemcconnell/Instagram

48. Gingerbread Firehouse

Spotted on: @kerriwadd/Instagram

49. Askew Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @idontwannabehere/Instagram

50. Red and White Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @bellabiscoitos/Instagram

51. Colorful Candy Cane Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @marysartsandcrafts/Instagram

52. Cozy Cottage Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @dough_and_batter/Instagram

53. Gingerbread Imperial Falcon

Spotten on: @norton_kenobi/Instagram

54. Spooky Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @kelitart/Instagram

55. Cookie Monster House

Spotted on: @rachelsnacksgirl/Instagram

56. Gingerbread Stove

Spotted on: @thebaking.diary/Instagram

57. Striped Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @pernickovani_s_misou/Instagram

58. Pretzel Log Gingerbread House With Chex Roof

Spotted on: @thebohobaker/Instagram

59. Detailed Snow Gingerbread House

Spotted on: @elenababikova/Instagram

60. Gingerbread Castle

Spotted on: @ilovechristmasblog/Instagram