Have you ever noticed how favorite food items like pizza, tacos, and burgers possess this transformative quality that allows them to become anything. These recipes have paved their own way to reinvent themselves time and time again, and we salute them. We salute them largely because trying to decide between two awesome foods is hard, and being that these foods tend to inspire one another in their respective self-reinventions... we don't have to choose. Brace yourself for some seriously inspired food hybrids.

If you're a pizza fanatic you might know by now that Papa John's has a new pizza out right now, their cheeseburger pizza. But guess what... this combo is easily executed in your own kitchen. The downside is that there's no app to show when the pizza will be delivered, and you don't have the option to send any special messages to the delivery guy and potentially make a lasting friendship with someone who has a car full of pizza. But that's really the only downside. Because just look at it.

Cooking Light's Cheeseburger Pizza

The huge importance of a pizza-dilla is that you get to have quesadillas and pizza at the same time. If anyone objects to that, let them forever hold their peace. They clearly don't understand what true partnership looks like.


Put down your chopsticks for just a minute and think outside the roll. With these creations, the rice is formed into "buns," the filling is placed in the middle, and voila! A sushi burger is born. Similar to the thought process behind the sushi burritos that took the world by storm this spring, this is just one more way to express your love for sushi.

Sushi Burgers

Basically anything with the word "taco" in it is bound to be the right decision. If you're longing for taco night with the flair of a deep dish comfort food, a taco pot pie is right up your alley. It features all those great taco fillings along with layers of crunched tortilla chips, giving it a phenomenal texture. Plus, how often do you get to eat tacos with a fork?

Taco Pot Pie

Taco Pot Pie

Just trust me, even if you don't like salads, it's going to be a lot easier to munch on all of those good-for-you vegetables when they're topped with glorious chunks of hamburger, shredded cheese, and (of course) crushed potato chips. This may actually be the most genius food hybrid ever.


This amazing dessert mash-up is a throwback to the hay day of the ice cream truck, a time when the Choco-Taco was king. Made with homemade shells and dipped entirely in chocolate, these DIY chocolate tacos can be filled with all of your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. #swoon

Chocolate Tacos with Ice Cream and Peanuts

Do you love ratatouille? We all love the movie, but if you've had the dish itself, you may love it even more. It's a warm, rustic dish featuring squash and other veggies that epitomizes nourishing comfort food. Combining that with a pizza crust creates an out-of-this-world flavor combination that's as colorful as it is yummy. If you have any picky eaters on your hands, this might be a fun way to get them to eat their veggies.

Ratatouille Pizza

Great things happen when you slather a pizza with sweet stuff. Seriously, great things. This pizza features two types of chocolate, loads of fruit, and achieves gooey glory as it cooks to perfection on the grill.


Extend your love for pizza into your love of baked potatoes and you'll end up a majorly happy camper. I personally gave these a whirl, and yes, I did find myself in potato heaven. For someone who likes to top baked potatoes with everything, I'd never tried simple pizza toppings before. It's so incredibly right.

Pepperoni-Pizza Baked Potatoes

Ladies and gentleman, I give you The Pizza Cake. Take a moment of silence to admire. I understand.


Do you have a favorite food hybrid? Let us know in the comments below. As for me, I already knew pizza was amazing, but at this point, I'm convinced it can be a point of inspiration for just about anything. That said, if pizza isn't you're jam, you should consider digging into these darling mini burgers... *wink wink.*

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