By Jessica Colyer
June 29, 2015
Berry Pie Pops


Some foods are just better on a stick.  They're portable, convenient, and let's admit it, just plain fun. But who says all of these confections have to be frozen to be enjoyed? Ice pops aren't the only pops in town, after all. There are other pops that are waiting to plot a summer takeover, so we've compiled a list of a couple of these various treats-on-a-stick, and even a few dinner items as well! Take a look!


Pineapple Satays with Coconut-Caramel Sauce


If you're a fan of grilling fruit, look no further than the Hawaiian darling, pineapple. Pineapple does really well on the grill because it's a hearty, firm fruit that won't fall apart when met with some heat. If you slice the pineapple into rectangular portions it will make the fruit easier to eat and also provides a nice base to stick the skewers so they don't fall off. This makes an elegant and fun tropical dessert at an outdoor cookout, especially when paired with the equally wonderful coconut-caramel sauce that comes with it.


Fried Chicken "Popsicles"


A chicken popsicle? What? Actually, when you think about it, this is an awesome way to make dinnertime much more fun for kids (and adults, let's be honest.) This chicken-on-a-stick centerpiece would make a a great item for whatever cookouts, get-togethers, or family reunions this summer has in store. (4th of July anyone?) But because these chicken-pops will most likely be a huge smashing hit, be sure to make enough to go around! Trimming the chicken breasts into smaller pieces is perfect if you're looking for a great appetizer for a crowd.


Chocolate-Covered Bananas


Banana pops are a classic. If you've never tried one of these, there's no day like today! In my opinion, chocolate and bananas are like chocolate and peanut butter, they're just meant for each other. And when you can sprinkle these homemade pops with whatever topping you want, it makes it all that much yummier, doesn't it? We opted for crushed peanuts and sprinkles, but playing around with the toppings is half the fun! With only four ingredients, these treats are as easy as it gets.


Angel Food Cake Pops


Ahhh, cake pops. Do you remember where you were when you tried your first one?  These angel food cake pops are light and fluffy and can be adorned with whatever toppings you wish, from crushed Oreos to coconut or almond flakes, the options are only as endless as your creativity. Pull out a plate of these at a party and watch them disappear!

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