Seriously, you only need one ingredient.
Credit: bhofack2/Getty Images

If you’re anything like us, the second your Thanksgiving feast has been cleared from the table everything becomes about cutting down the tree, singing carols, prepping for holiday feasts, and indulging in all of your favorite sweets of the season.

But, with everything you have on your plate over the course of the holidays, making complex desserts is probably the last thing on your mind. The good news is we’ve uncovered the secret to the world’s easiest—and most delicious—holiday dessert, which requires just one ingredient. That’s right—one.

To pull off this super simple recipe you’ll need just a carton of store-bought eggnog and your ice cream maker. Simply pour the liquid into the machine and let it mix to its cold, creamy conclusion—no other ingredients or additions required.

The secret to this holiday witchcraft is in the eggnog itself. Since the majority of store-bought ‘nogs are essentially a custard cream base that you drink straight from the carton, they act as the perfect foundation for a velvety holiday treat.

Once your ice cream is complete, create your own customized holiday sundaes, letting your family top their bowls with caramel sauce, sprinkles, gingerbread, minty hot fudge, and any other festive favorites (like a splash of bourbon) you’d like to top your sweet treat. If you’re feeling fancy, serve your eggnog ice cream with homemade gingerbread spoons, which can be eaten once you’ve hit the bottom of the bowl.

Check out the video above—our holiday gift to you—to see how this epic dessert gets made.