Goooooooood morning.
Veggie Eggy Scramble
Credit: Jennifer Causey; Styling: Claire Spollen

For a lot of people, breakfast either isn’t an option, or is only in that day’s deck of cards if it’s something that can be eaten on the go. I accept neither of those options as an adequate way to start the day. I love the morning, and the best part is always breakfast (while making eye contact with a cute stranger at the gym comes in at a very close second). I have many passions in life, one of them being to spread the underrated gospel of turning on your stove for breakfast. In a world where yogurt and protein bars are the only solution for a busy person who wants to eat breakfast, I want to let you know that you can and should feel like you can cook an actual meal first thing in morning.

However, since I don’t want to mislead you to believe that shakshuka or a sausage-egg bake are what you need to be making for a weekday breakfast, allow me to clarify. For me, a breakfast that involves actual cooking is all about speediness and the ability to riff (because, let’s face it–when it’s that early, you can’t be thinking about following a recipe with immaculate precision). It’s for these reasons that this Veggie-Eggy Scramble is the only reason that I’ve filled my body with a delicious (and healthy AND easy) breakfast for the last couple months. I have made this so many times that I’ve got the timing down pat for every little step—so much so that it almost feels like a choreographed dance that I perform every morning. I make an excellent partner! To myself!

I discovered this recipe when I was on the Cooking Light Diet (woop woop!), and it’s become my go-to ever since. I mess around with the ingredients depending on what I have, and I’ve adjusted most of the measurements to serve just one (the recipe as written serves 4). If you want the SparkNotes version, here’s how it works (for one person). Start by picking out what your carb vessel of choice will be. The recipe calls for a slice of whole wheat bread, but you can use anything–an English muffin, a corn tortilla, a bagel, a whole wheat wrap, or a pita pocket (I’ve done it with all of these because...journalism?). Whatever it is that you choose, toast it. Next, grab a small skillet, and heat some extra-virgin olive oil over medium heat. To that, add scallions and halved grape tomatoes (per the recipe), or whatever sauté-able veggies you have. I’ve used onions, cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, and bell peppers here, as well.

As these veggies cook, quickly whisk up one egg and about a tablespoon of crumbly or melty cheese. The recipe calls for feta, but I’ve subbed in goat cheese or shredded sharp cheddar. It’s going to be a ~chunky~ mixture–don’t worry. While you’re at it, hit the egg mixture with some salt and pepper, because you’re not an idiot, okay?

Alright, back to the skillet. Add a handful or so of leafy greens to your cooked veggies. The recipe calls for spinach, but as you probably could have guessed, sometimes I use a different ingredient. Kale (baby, lacinato, or curly!), mustard greens, or arugula are all perfectly legitimate substitutions. Once the greens have wilted, pour your egg mixture over the veggies and use a rubber spatula to gently scramble the eggs. I like to take my skillet off the heat after 10 or 15 seconds and let the eggs finish off using the residual heat from the pan for a soft, gentle scramble. It all happens very quickly–by this point in the morning my adrenaline is through the roof.

Grab the Recipe Here: Veggie-Eggy Scramble

Finally, grab your toasted carb, and pile it high with your egg and veggie scramble. If you did it correctly, your egg mixture should spill over your bread vessel, leaving you with no other option but to sit down and eat this on a plate like a civilized human. Congrats–you absolutely owned the breakfast game this morning, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably do the same thing tomorrow.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane