Isn't it time we give pizza a chance? A recently established Philadelphia non-profit called Pizzaful Protest thinks so. They're harnassing the power of the pie to feed the peaceful resistance and the police protecting protestor’s lawful right to assemble.
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In response to the nationwide organized protests that began earlier this month, one anonymous Philadelphia “guy who didn’t know what to do” is rallying support for peace in the best way we can imagine—ordering pizzas. Lots of ‘em. (Because, hello, pizza= love.)

Pizzaful Protest appeared on Twitter on January 28th to announce their mission: sending pizza to peaceful protestors, and the police officers protecting them, around the U.S. The non-profit’s feed reflects photos of grateful protestors enjoying pizzas delivered to JFK and SFO airports during the recent #NoBan protest, messages (and memes) of encouragement to those who continue to peacefully resist, and requests for folks to let them know where its pizzaful services are needed. Operating under the admirable philosophy, “pizza pies, not hate and lies,” Pizzaful Protest is collecting donations through a GoFundMe account to continue sending out cheesy, saucy, heartfelt fuel to Americans investing time and energy to exercise their right to assemble. The unnamed face behind the project has made clear, PP is “not affiliated with anything other than pizza and love and love of pizza,” so any donations that aren’t put towards pizza (and tipping the delivery person, of course) will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Beyond the obvious tangible service of bringing (the best) food, pro bono, to hungry people demonstrating lawfully for peace and justice, an idea so simple and sincere is an encouraging reminder that unselfish human kindness is real and real impactful. After reaching out for comment from Pizzaful Protest on Twitter, I received a fairly swift response thanking me for the kind words and offering to try to get back to me later, as this anonymous pizza orderer for peace has a regular job while balancing the peaceful pizza endeavor on the side—which is further reiteration that average, everyday folks, who have bills and day jobs, wield the power to spread positivity like nobody’s business. And that’s something worth raising a slice to.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz