When it comes to bakery decorating, there's one item that provides an endless array of creative possibilities, and that is fondant. Fondant is a rolled, edible sugar that is used to coat cakes, cupcakes, and other bakery items to create wonderful, edible masterpieces. You can easily buy pre-made fondant at the store, but another option is to get your hands dirty and make it yourself, DIY-style. The limit to what you can create is at the edge of your imagination. For instance, this cake below shaped like an orange slice is a creative and fun way to decorate a cake, and also a great way to pretend your cake is part of the essential food groups (yeah, we wish!)

Orange Slice Cake

For a simple and fresh design, simply cover your cake with white fondant and colored polka dot cutouts for a festive cake that would be great for a birthday or shower. If a wedding cake is on your horizon, an edible floral design, such as the dogwood blossom cake below makes a beautiful statement piece.

Dogwood Blossom Wedding Cake

To further showcase the incredible possibilities that you can achieve with fondant, definitely check out this amazing cake made by JK Denim of Koalipops for one of Katniss Everdeen's dresses in the Hunger Games series. Fondant is also a useful in creating these amazing Superman cupcake toppers for birthday parties or themed events.

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