I personally love bringing my lunch to work with me, and I try to eat up the leftovers in my fridge before I splurge and buy a meal. But sometimes I really want a meal that's fresh, healthy, and satisfying all at the same time, which can be difficult to pack in your lunch box if you don't know the right way to pack your food. And yes, there is a right and a wrong way!



In this video, Marge Perry, our cooking expert, gives you some tips about how to pack a salad for lunch. I'm sure we would all love for our salads to be in cute little jars, but that isn't always practical. The order in which you layer your add-ins and toppings matters too. You don't want to open your lunch-box in mid-stomach growl to a wilted or over-drenched salad. After watching this video, you'll be able to keep your lettuce fresh, your toppings crisp, and get just the right amount of dressing on it all!

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