When it comes to chilly days and even chillier nights, there's something so comforting about a pot of beef stew or a roast, especially one that's been cooking in the slow cooker all day. Not only do these great dishes fill the home with a tantalizing aroma, but they're hearty, satisfying, and also full of flavor. If you love slow cooking and also love coming home to a meal that's pretty much already prepared, you're probably already a huge fan of these dishes, like this one:

Classic Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Although it needs to be said that not all pot roast or stew recipes require a slow cooker, far from it. Like in the classic pot roast recipe that's featured in the video below, if you have a deep pot or dutch oven, you're well on your way to a delicious dinner. Something else that's really helpful about dishes like these is that they're easily freezable, which means leftovers, and leftovers mean kitchen-free nights as well as easy cleanup. The variety of hearty beef stews featured above gives enough versatility to find the perfect one that you and your family will enjoy, as well as these pot roasts below.

Our Best Pot Roast Recipes

While there are many different ways to prepare a pot roast, you can never go wrong by preparing a classic roast, which is cooked in a pot in the oven, as featured in the video below. The perfect way to keep warm this winter is to cozy up to a bowl of the good stuff, and let the comforting flavor and aroma of these dishes take care of the rest. Here's to beating the winter blues!