Organization 102: Where Does It Go?
Drawers, Bins & Containers:Consult the owner's manual for guidance. For produce drawers, adjust to high humidity for vegetables. For fruits, turn dial to low humidity. Bottom shelf: The coldest part of the fridge, this is the best place to store fresh meats, fish, and poultry.
| Credit: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Mindi Shapiro, Laura Martin

Sealed crisper drawers can help keep your fruits and vegetables at their best longer. Vegetables require higher humidity conditions while fruits require lower humidity conditions, which is why many refrigerators have two separate (marked) drawers. Some crisper drawers have controls that allow you to customize each drawer's humidity level.

An adjustable temperature meat drawer often has controls that allow you to adjust the temperature. It is ideal to keep meats as cold as you can without freezing them.

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