Brown butter is the easiest way to take sweet AND savory dishes to the next level.
EC: Browning Butter Makes Butter Even Better
Credit: Photo by Flickr user Tracy Benjamin

Brown butter is warm, toasty, and unmistakably French.

You'll find it in all kinds of recipes: From pasta, to vegetables, to desserts, this creamy sauce can improve just about anything.

But what exactly is brown butter? It's simply butter that has been slowly cooked until it turns brown and gets a nutty, toasted aroma. (The formal French name is buerre noisette). It adds lovely, deeper flavor to sauces and baked goods.

Here's how to make it yourself:

  1. Melt unsalted butter over low heat so that it separates into butterfat and milk solids.
  2. The solids will sink to the bottom of the pan and, if left over gentle heat, will begin to brown.
  3. Once they reach a nice, toasty color, remove from heat.

That's it! Now you're ready to try one of our 46 favorite brown butter recipes.