By Marge Perry
Updated July 14, 2011
Round out your meal with a serving of orange liqueur-soaked berries topped with whipped cream. One cup of strawberries (the serving size for this dessert) contains a full day's supply of vitamin C. Recipe:Strawberries Romanoff

Macerating is the process of soaking fruit in liquid, which softens it and also often adds flavor or sweetness. Strawberries are often "macerated" simply by sprinkling them with sugar, because doing so draws the liquid out of the berries and creates a syrup. Strawberries are also wonderful macerated with some sugar and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Also try liqueur, juice (such as orange juice), wine and other vinegars.

The Strawberries Romanoff recipe pictured here is an example of a recipe that calls for macerating the strawberries.