Folate is important for hair and skin.
Hogging the spotlight for the role it plays in preventing birth defects, female needs for this B-vitamin edge out male needs during childbearing. Still, both sexes need folate to continually form new hair, skin, and other cells. It's also a potential protector against colon cancer. He needs:  400 mcg per dayShe needs:  400 mcg per day in childbearing years, particularly in the month before conception; 600 mcg during pregnancy
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Store asparagus, with the spears pointing up, in a glass filled with about 1-inch of water. Cover the glass with a piece of plastic wrap, which you can secure with a rubber band, and keep it refrigerated.

Before using asparagus, you'll need to get rid of the tough, fibrous ends. The easiest way to do this is to bend the stem until it snaps (where the most tender part begins). For more tips and recipes, see our video on trimming asparagus spears and 7 Ways with Asparagus.