Both sexes need calcium, but men should be careful of their intake.
Experts target advice about eating plenty of dairy and calcium-rich foods to women mainly because females are four times as likely to develop the bone crippling disease osteoporosis. In the years after menopause, women can lose 20 percent of bone mass. Men lose bone too, but excess dairy may hike risk for prostate cancer.He needs: 800 mgShe needs:  1000 mg ages 19-50; 1200 mg after 50
| Credit: Randy Mayor

When a food is enriched, it means more of an existing has been added; when it is fortified, a nutrient was added that did not previously exist in the product.

If milk, which already contains calcium, had calcium added, it would be enriched; but if calcium were added to orange juice, we would say the orange juice is fortified with calcium.

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