Grilled Steak

When my husband grills steak, he cuts into it to tell if it's done. Isn't there a better way?

Yes! Use an instant read meat thermometer to ensure your steak is done just the way you like it.

Insert the thermometer at least one inch into the meat, until the tip is at the midpoint of the thickest part. You may need to insert it horizontally or at an angle. The USDA recommends a minimum temperature of 145F (160F for ground beef). At that temperature, it would be cooked "medium". Here's a list of desired degrees of doneness and the corresponding temperatures.

Medium rare...130-140F...Mostly pink with a tinge of red possible in the very center.

Medium...140-145F ...Pink in the center and gray-brown in the surrounding area

Medium Well...145-150F Grey brown throughout, with a tinge of pink possible in the very center

Well done...150-160F Grey-brown throughout

For more tips on grilling steak, see Grill the Perfect Steakand watch the video by Chef Jamie Purviance.