By Marge Perry
August 16, 2010

When buying fresh corn, look for green, supple husks. You don't need to strip corn to check it: just peel a tiny bit of husk from the tip and lightly poke a kernel; the juice should spurt out.

Corn, like most produce, is at its best when eaten just moments after coming out of the field. But for the many of us who don't happen to live near the farm, keep the husks on and refrigerate fresh corn for up to three days.

To boil corn, strip the husks and silk off and plunge very fresh farm stand corn in boiling water for just 30-60 seconds. Store bought corn will generally take closer to about 3 minutes. When corn is cooked too long, it gets tough. But when cooked right, corn at this time of year is a sweet treat.

For another great way to prepare corn, see Corn on the Grill.