Tarte Tatin
Credit: Karry Hosford

"I use my cast iron pan to make cornbread: if I use it to make other dishes, do I need to adjust the temperature and/or length of cooking time? "

Cast ironmaintains and conducts heat better than many other materials, says Jeff Yoskowitz, Chef-Instructor in the Pastry and Baking Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education, so you will often need to lower your temperature by 25 degrees to avoid excessive browning on the bottom and sides of whatever you are baking. Cast iron is a great way to enhance brownness, crisp exteriors and promote caramelization. It is an especially good choice when making tart tatin, both because it helps the sugars caramelize and because it goes from stovetop to oven.

For a great collection of cast-iron recipes, see The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook from Oxmoor House.

Recipe: Tarte Tatin