Soft-Serve Mango-Banana Sorbet

Soft-Serve Mango-Banana Sorbet

What I learned this week: If you've got fruit in the freezer, you can make sorbet. This recipe has just 6 ingredients if you count salt. It takes 20 minutes from start to finish, no ice cream machine required. To quote Ina Garten, "How easy is that?"


What you'll need: frozen mango, sugar, a very ripe banana, lime juice, tequila or rum (I used rum), and salt. I froze the banana partially in hopes of giving the sorbet an even thicker texture.


The recipe says to use a food processor, but I wanted to try it in a Vitamix blender. Next time, I will use the food processor because I think the Vitamix ended up leaving some chunks of fruit rather than making a smooth puree.


I can't believe it was that easy to make this yummy soft-serve sorbet! My husband and I both loved its slightly sour taste from the lime juice, tropical mango sweetness, and subtle banana flavor. You can see some of the fruit chunks here, which is why I would opt to use a food processor next time.


Seriously, so delicious! I will definitely be making this again. It makes 8 servings, so I am keeping the rest in the freezer until I'm craving something sweet.

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