Sizzling Skirt Steak with Asparagus and Red Pepper from Cooking Light

Sizzling Skirt Steak with Asparagus and Red Pepper from Cooking Light

For this week's #CookWithConfidence post, I decided to get fancy! Sizzling Skirt Steak with Asparagus and Red Pepper from Cooking Light's July issue is what's on the menu. The neat thing about this upscale dish is that it can be prepared in a single pan. This recipe uses the technique called "step cooking." The veggies and meat cook in the same skillet (albeit not at the same time) which helps the flavors to blend really well and creates a fantastic dish.


To trim costs, I picked up a pound of "sliced steak for stir frying" instead of skirt steak at my local grocery. I would definitely suggest this modification if you're working on a budget. I also used one red onion instead of two but threw in a zucchini for some extra veggies. My roommates and I were also a little skeptical of the fish sauce, so we opted for worcestershire sauce for the marinade instead.


If you remember to marinate the meat 30 minutes before you want to start cooking (oops!), this recipe comes together in a snap. After chopping the veggies, I transferred them to bowl, tossed them in olive oil, and then stir-fried them for 5 minutes!


Before and... after!


After the veggies cooked, I put them into the oven in a glass baking dish covered with foil to keep warm while the steak cooked in the same pan! Too easy.


After the steak was fully cooked, I removed it from the pan, let it sit for a few minutes, and then I was ready to serve. The best part about using steak for stir frying was that it came pre-sliced!


This dish was delicious, and my roommate and I really loved our "marinade modification" of grated red onion and worcestershire sauce instead of fish sauce. This meal is filling and savory, and all the veggies make it taste extremely fresh and healthy too!

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