Oreo Truffles This holiday season, we are spreading cheer with a sinful no-bake dessert. And personally, I can’t think of a better gift! Oreo Truffles are my favorite sweet treat to make this time of year. They are decadently rich and yet surprisingly light and fluffy. With only 4-ingredients, this simple truffle recipe is an easy way to impress your guests at your next get-together. Or better yet, wrap these chocolate beauties up in gift boxes and spread holiday cheer to everyone on your nice list this Christmas!


With this recipe, it’s all about the preparation. Be sure to have all of your ingredients, as well as parchment paper, a shallow microwave-safe bowl, and a small ramekin of toothpicks nearby. First, line your jelly roll pan or countertop with the parchment. I used a 9x13 pan, so I could easily transition the truffles to the freezer and refrigerator for expedited cooling. Now, take your Oreos and place them in the mixer; ideally a food processor would be better here, however I made do with my stand up mixer. I learned the key to these sweet truffles is to be sure you purchase Double-Stuffed for a creamy, dreamy center. Once the cookies are finely crumbled, fold softened cream cheese into your Oreo crumbs. The end result should resemble a damp sand consistency and they’re now ready to take their truffle shape!


The next step is to gently roll the Oreo, cream cheese mixture into even 1-inch rounds. It’s so tempting to bite into one of these treats now, but try to resist… the end result is definitely worth the wait! With the Oreos rolled, it’s time to freeze. Be sure you allow ample time in the freezer because you want them to really hold their shape when dipped in the warm chocolate. I believe I left mine in for roughly an hour and a half.


On to the fun part! Using your toothpicks, push a pick into each Oreo ball for easy chocolate dipping. The next step is to truffle! I opted to use white almond bark instead of milk chocolate the recipe calls for. I prefer white chocolate coating the Oreo chocolatey center, but feel free to mix and match based on your preference. Next, melt the chocolate in the microwave using a glass bowl on 50% power until smooth. Note: be sure to handle with caution, the glass will be very hot to the touch! Carefully dip each Oreo into the melted chocolate until evenly coated letting the excess drip off. For a thicker chocolate shell, dip, cool and harden, and then re-dip! The candy coating will set and cool fairly quickly, so be sure to remove the toothpick and fill any necessary holes by dabbing on a bit of extra melted chocolate. I recommend that you melt small amounts of chocolate at a time instead of all at once. Coating the truffles a little bit at a time will ensure your melted chocolate stays bright and white with every dip. The very last step is to repeat the chocolate melting process for the decorative drizzle. Transfer the melted chocolate to a sandwich bag, and cut a tiny corner to pipe on some chocolatey magic!


Just remember these chocolate goodies are most likely still frozen, so be sure to set them out to thaw. And that’s it! If you haven't tried a "Milk's Favorite Cookie" truffle yet, then yes, you are totally missing out! It will change your life. I mean really, what's better than Oreos, cream cheese and chocolate?

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