Honey Peanut Brittle - Southern Living

Honey Peanut Brittle - Southern Living

Making candy at home is sometimes a nerve wracking endeavor. The sugar and oils amplify the cooking process and it's easy to go from a melted pot of deliciousness to a burnt mess. Thankfully, in the process of whipping up this batch of honey peanut brittle, I rolled up my sleeves, put my game face on, and everything turned out just fine. To prove it, I'll show you how the magic happened.


The ingredient list for this recipe is very simple. The main players of course are honey, sugar, and peanuts. I made sure to assemble everything ahead of time so I wouldn't have to leave the stove for any reason while the brittle was cooking, hence minimizing the chance of burning the mixture. (Spoiler alert: it didn't burn!)


When you first add in the peanuts, honey, and sugar it will look like this, and if you're like me, you'll become worried right off the bat because that doesn't quite look like brittle at all. I thought I may have made a mistake and added too many peanuts, but actually once you get the sugar bubbling and everything is melted, you'll add in the baking soda and this is where things get interesting! Hang onto your seats and get ready for….. orange martian goo!


The baking soda causes the mixture to fluff up rapidly and it quickly takes on an orange color. It's fun to watch, but at this point you'll want to stir continuously and make sure nothing settles for too long in the pan. You'll want to already have prepared a baking sheet nearby to then spread the mixture across evenly so it can cool.


This mixture will cool extremely quickly, and once that process happens you can't re-spread, so be sure to get it how you want it before letting it sit. In about 45 minutes to an hour, you'll be able to break the brittle into pieces. I did this by scooping the big sheet off of the pan with a small spatula and breaking it into pieces with clean hands. In the end you'll have beautiful peanut brittle to share with friends and family!


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