Seafood is one of my favorite choices for dinner. Fish is delicious, especially if it has that "fresh from the sea" taste, and it's also a great source of lean protein. What's clearly visible at first glance from this recipe is that all of the flavors in this dish meld together in one package to create a taste that's really unique and special, and also gives each serving the perfect portion size. For those who are a little intimidated by preparing fish, just know that you don't have to head on down to the local restaurant for a great seafood experience. You can have it right in your own kitchen.


The spring vegetables called for here are the perfect combination to pair with this dish. It's important to slice the potatoes thin so they cook evenly and also worth it to keep the mini sweet peppers whole so they retain juiciness. Combine all of the vegetables together in a bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper, give them a nice a toss, and then you're ready to put together your parchment paper packets!


The local grocery store I went to informed me that they were out of snapper filets, so a very helpful seafood specialist recommended tilapia filets as a good replacement. This is good news, because this switch is also a less expensive option depending on the seafood prices in your area. Grouper is also a good replacement if snapper is hard to find. Arrange your fish filets on top of the spring veggies, add some lemon juice, place a generous pat of butter onto each filet, sprinkle some more dill, and now you're ready to wrap up your packages!


It's important to get the packages twisted tightly at the top so they don't open while cooking. You want to keep all of that butter and flavor in the package where it belongs, not seeping down into the pan! The trick here is to make inward folds, almost as if you're wrapping a present, and then swirl the excess paper at the top in a tight curl. I was able to fit my four packages perfectly onto one baking pan.


I'd never had pickled okra before, but my goodness, was it good! The finished dish is a deliciously yummy blend of flavors. The okra and sprinkled dill give off a summery flair, while the fish filets themselves retain moisture and flavor inside of the packages. The best part? The clean up is as simple as tossing the parchment paper afterward. This meal received a unanimous 10 out of 10 among those who ate it with me, and I would gladly make it again!

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