This week we're cooking up something fresh, full of fresh veggies, and topped with a golden-fried egg. Yep, we're talking about a stir-fry. This dish was excellent, and I already know I'll be making it again and again, but before I gush too much about how much I loved it, let's get into the nitty gritty so I can show y'all how you can make this yourselves. Ready to get started? Well, then grab yourself three pots (I know, three, but trust me, it's worth it) and lets get cooking!


Your first pot is going to be used to boil your pasta. I used fine egg noodles, and bought them uncooked. You can opt for the refrigerated pre-cooked noodles recommended by the recipe, but I had zero luck finding those at the store, and my uncooked noodles were ready in about 10 minutes, so it ended up being an easy switch. When the noodles were done, I drained them, then set them off to the side and left them covered until I finished the rest of the stir-fry. Your next step requires you to whip out your second pan. If you have a wok, that works the best, but any deep dish skillet works just fine.


I bought my mushrooms and broccoli already prepped, so the only prep work I had to do here was to chop my carrots, ginger root, and bok choy. The ginger gives this dish a rich and spicy flavor and aroma. Because I didn't have much luck finding the Thai red chile peppers that were called for in this dish, I opted for red pepper flakes instead. A great thing about any stir-fry in general is that you can easily customize and tweak the recipe to your flavor preferences and convenience as far as what you have lying around in your kitchen.


After adding in the two cups of soup stock, some quartered bok choy, fresh garlic, honey, soy sauce, and a pinch of salt, this dish was really starting to look and smell like a stir fry! While this mixture bubbles to a boil, take your third and final pan and use it to fry your eggs. Depending on how many guests you'll have at your table, plan on using one to two eggs per bowl.


Now, my finished bowl wasn't necessarily the prettiest on the block (my egg frying game is not the strongest) but OH MY was it good! The best part of this stir-fry is the leftover sauce at the bottom of the pan that you can then ladle over the bowl once its topped with the veggies and fried egg. Another great part about this is that I was left with plenty of leftovers that to pop in the fridge and enjoy the rest of the week, and that will also give the flavors more of an opportunity to marinate together in the meantime. Overall, this finished dish would be enough for about 4-5 people.

So what did you think of this recipe? Ready to get your stir-fry on? Leave us a comment below and if you try out this recipe yourself, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on Instagram with #CookWithConfidence and let us know how you did. Happy cooking!