Rise and shine the English way with a cup of piping hot tea (or coffee, ahem...) and your favorite jam because guess what? We're having crumpets! What you may recognize as the traditional english muffin is also known as a crumpet, and typically (although not in this recipe) crumpets are cooked on one side and allowed to bubble up on the other. Here today, we're featuring more of an english muffin style crumpet that's cooked on both sides with the help of handy dandy muffin rings, which are just silver rings that help form the batter into perfect circles. Are you ready to dive in and see what all the fun is about? Well get your teapot ready and jam out to some Spice Girls (or maybe The Rolling Stones, if that's more your thing) because today we're enjoying a breakfast that's fit for the Queen of England!


We'll start with the batter, which requires yeast, and means it also requires time to fluff up and rise. To start this process, you'll use just one yeast packet (typically sold in threes or fours) and by adding hot water to the mixture, it will start to bubble up. This may take 5-10 minutes or so.


All of the main ingredients here are very minimal, just flour, salt, milk, an egg, butter, and yeast. When all of these are combined together, covered, and left out at room temperature for about an hour, the batter will form into more of a dough. If your batter rises significantly, that's ok, it may actually double in size. I left my bowl of batter at room temperature for about an hour, then popped it into the refrigerator overnight so I could whip up the batch of crumpets in the morning. This tactic is also called a "slow-rise," because the cool temperature slows down the action of the yeast.


Here's where the muffin rings come in. Now if you don't have muffin rings, mason jar rings make a nice alternative! The muffin rings keep the dough contained and prevent them from spilling and sticking onto each other. To cook these, I used a large greased skillet, but a large griddle would work even better. Unlike pancakes, crumpets cook more slowly, and they need about five to eight minutes on each side on medium heat so they cook all the way through. To flip, simply use your spatula to pick up the whole ring and the back of a spoon to gently but quickly turn the ring without damaging your pan. If some batter spills out during that process, it's ok!


The dough will make about eight to twelve crumpets. Once they've had time to cool off, they're very easy to split right down the middle and be enjoyed with your favorite jam, butter, or honey.


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